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Green Art

I don’t know if you have noticed but it’s been a long time since you’ve received a letter from me. I was slowly aiming for a change when some health issue hurried up the process. I’ve put painting aside for a while. But I’m still researching ecological ways of making art, and most of all, I’m writing a book which is the continuation of my Chimeras series. By the way, writing is quite a green form of artistic expression, since we have digital books.

I’ve started a new blog about this motionless adventure, the writing of a first novel. Because it’s in French, I don’t propose you to subscribe. If you wish to, (you’re speaking French and I didn’t notice) please write me back.

For now, I just wanted to brag about my ecological art project, which was part of a fight against the construction of an airport next to a natural park. Here the link to the clip.

I won’t send a lot of newsletters: the book project is taking most of my time. But I’ll keep you informed. Stay creative, no matter what!

I wish you the best.

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