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5 tips for hanging your art work

A few month ago, I decided I should improve my hanging skills. It wasn’t so bad, but I had the feeling it could be better. So I made a research on the internet (I love it!) And these are a few tips to hang paintings successfully and keep it simple.

1- Keep it coherent: There has to be some link between the paintings but it doesn’t have to be the exactly same color or size. If you hang several small paintings together, it’s recommended to organize them in a shape like vertical or horizontal rectangle, ovale…The best way to figure it out is to put them together on the floor and check if it looks good.

2- Always hang your art work at 145 cm ( 57 inches ) on center. Though on other posts, I read that this is a bit low (for example, it seems that galleries hang at 160 cm on center). But I tried 145 cm and I liked it. The paintings are closer to the furniture and they have more impact.

I read this tip in an interesting post: "How to hang your Art Work and not screwing it up.” You can watch a video tutorial by Maxwell Ryan on his site:

3- Keep in mind the architectural details: I thought I could use all the left wall, but I noticed the sort of arc like construction in our corridor and decided I will look better to leave it empty,

4- I use some small black nails. Why? Because my dad told me so… And I tried it and was happy with the result. You can use several of them if the painting is big. But be careful: it may not be enough for big framed paintings. Personally I prefer to hang the canvases without frame.

5- “Rules were made to be broken.” You can find some examples of this rule here:

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