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Art on your wall

Did you ever try to imagine how your living room would look with an original new painting above your sofa? Which painting would fit better to embellish your surroundings and your life? You can have a crush for a piece of art and hesitate about the spot you want to hang it in your apartment.

I think it’s very natural people want to choose a painting which fit the decoration of the room you want to hang it into. I don’t think it diminish the value or the quality of the painting.

All along history, artists have worked for patrons, on command. It did not prevent them to produce masterpieces.

Furthermore, not all the persons who buy art are necessarily art collectors. It can be one special occasion purchase.

I discovered lately an application which make my life easier: WallApp. I’m sure it can help you too. It is very simple to use it. It makes a visualization of painting in a room. Choosing becomes easier!

If you wish to acquire one of my paintings but you hesitate because it’s difficult to visualize the result, contact me! Even if you’re not ready to buy right now and you just want to have a look. Send me a picture of the wall you want to hang the painting on and I’ll send you back the picture with the painting hanged on it.

To have more informations on commissionne paintings, click here.

You can also order prints on canvas or paper, framed or not. For more information, click here.

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