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Bring harmony to your life!

Don’t you have sometimes the feeling of being overwhelmed by insignificant tasks, mass production objects, and stressful tons of information?

You are running all day long to get things done: career, kids, pets, sport, even romance take time and attention.

Don’t you wish to be able to be part of a creation of art and beauty, to purchase something really meaningful?


I know how you feel, and I’ve been looking for my share of peacefulness and harmony for many years.


I’m Laurence Mergi and I invite you to share with me a meaningful art experience. I propose you an opportunity to draw forces from nature, to enjoy the wisdom of flowers.


I can help you choose the one flowers painting which fits you, or you can tell me about your aspirations and I’ll paint one specially for you.


I’m a dedicated late bloomer painter. although my paintings are realistic, I aim to convey inner emotions and the influence of our surroundings.


Take home a perfect fit flower for your personality and aspirations.

Adopt a flower right now!


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If you want to have more details about commissioned paintings, press here.



Group Exhibition


Richter Gallery

Hastudio Raanana

June 2004


Yad Lebanim Raanana

Hastudio Raanana

June 2005


Yad Lebanim Raanana

Hastudio Raanana

June 2010



Hastudio Raanana

July 2011


Art center Hod Hasharon

Oct 2011


Yad Lebanim

Hod Hasharon

Feb 2012

The irresistible attraction of flowers, or How I became a painter.


I was raised in a way that didn’t left room for self determination. I was seldom asked what I wanted to do. And I finally ended being a dentist. It took me about 15 years (6 years of study, 9 years of practice) to admit to myself I made a big mistake. This job didn’t fit my personality: for me it was both boring and stressful.


Until now, most people have perplex reactions when I told them I was a dentist: “But it’s a good job!” Which probably means: you could have made a lot of money! Or perhaps they don’t know what it takes to be a dentist and enjoy it, and they don’t know me enough to see that don’t have it. I am not a calm, organized, meticulous person. It’s horribly stressful for me when one feel pain or when I’m running out of time for the next appointment.

Some, like my husband, know from a young age what is their “mission” in life. Others, like me have to find their way.


At first, painting was more a hobby. Gradually it became my main occupation.


This summer I decided to paint flowers. But I couldn’t shut myself from the frightening reality around me. I couldn’t stop myself from checking the news every hour. Our country were at war and everyday you wanted to know what was going on, how many people where killed, who were these people. The void between what I was trying to express by my drawings and the news I was hearing was incommensurable. It was the huge difference between the silence of my garden and the noise of the alarms, the beautiful sustainability of flowers and the ugliness of news papers, the calm of the nature and the frantic activity of the internet, life and death, good and evil.


Drawing flowers is my lifeboat. For me, flowers represent peace, harmony, beauty, resilience, 

renewal and quiet strength. Then I decided to mixed these extreme experiences in my paintings. I’m interested to show how our surroundings influence us our mood, our thoughts. In a world where small bits of informations are flowing restlessly through electronic devices to our mind, how can we apprehend the whole and not be drowned by details? Can we still see the flower or are we only able to see lines and chunks? Lets look for the flower!


Solo Exhibition


Studio Gabi BenJano


March 2012


Art center Hod Hasharon

Oct 2011


Tova Osman Gallery

Nov 2015

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