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What are flowers made of?

How much can you change a flower and still see the flower?

What is reality? What is the most important characteristic of a flower? Is it its form, color, texture or smell? Usually we don’t rely so much on smell and texture. But even if we keep to the image, which make sense when you deal with painting, there are many possible interpretations of a flower. The colored picture is quite obvious. But the others? Would have you guess that it is a poppy? Is it important? I can make a red stain, call it a poppy, and it will be a poppy (I have to try that some day).

How our surroundings influence us. our mood, our thoughts.In a world where small bits of informations are flowing restlessly through electronic devices to our mind, how can we apprehend the whole and not be drowned by details? And at the end of the day what did I do? How come that time goes by so quickly, and I am not able to recall a quiet, meaningful moment? Can I still see the flower or am I only able to see lines and chunks?

The flowers themselves influence their surrounding. The lines painting make an elegant, quiet atmosphere, completely different from the more realistic painting.

Meanwhile spring is here, and it brings many opportunities to see, smell, photography and paint beautiful flowers.

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