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I'm surrounded by monsters!

When I painted flowers, I saw flowers everywhere. Now that I'm painting monsters, I see monsters everywhere too. In Tokyo we visited the Edo museum, which is a beautiful historical museum about the Edo period (1603-1867) in Tokyo. On our way, I didn't think much about my monsters, But as we arrived, I was very surprised to see that there was a special exhibition named: "From Eery to Endearing: Yokai in the Arts of Japan". (Yokai, ghost, phantom, strange apparition are a class of supernatural monsters, spirits and demons in Japanese folklore). So we learned that some well known artists from the Edo period, wrote stories about monsters, some where frightening, others funny, They were very popular. The paintings looked very modern, almost like comics.

There were also some fascinating small sculptures, from the Jomon period, called Dogu.

Later we went to a festival at Aomori town. There were huge monsters there too.

Sometimes the monsters simply come to me...

Beware of the giant snail
Yokai in the Arts of Japan

Doug clay doll

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