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The White Lotus

“A souvenir is barely a lotus showing, through the water, its flooded face.”

Carrera Andrade. Awkwardly translated by me.

This week, I spent a lot of time in hospital waiting rooms, as a support giver and a translator. Not recommended. It's quite awful and it makes artistic creativity difficult to achieve. However, when I had a break I tried not to give up and keep painting.

This time I chose a lotus from the Jerusalem botanical garden.

At twenty years old, during a trip to London, I discovered the Kew gardens. It was a revelation! I never imagined a garden could be so beautiful! Until this experience, I only knew the french style gardens, which I didn't really appreciate. Shaped trees and bushes are not my cup of tea. But english gardens are beautiful: the marvelous green slopes, the rhododendrons. the water pounds... And the cherry on top: you can have tea and scones!

A friend who lives in England told me: "When the sun is shining, England is a paradise on earth! Too bad it is so rare." I had the luck to see Kew gardens on a sunny day.

I've visit other botanical gardens since. In Japan, the visit of some gardens has been a mystical experience. Like the tea ceremony, I spoke about in another post. A miraculous soothing serenity envelops you.

The Jerusalem botanical garden is more modest. So what? It shows an impressive collection of tough plants of our part of the world, and some underground tombs. I hope to check on it every season.

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Thank you!

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