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Travel, draw, write!

During some of my travels I succeed quite easily to draw almost everyday. Never as much as when I'm at the studio, of course, but I succeeded to have an illusion of continuity. This was not the case this time! During these ten days, I draw only twice. My most artistic activities have been the visit of the Metropolitan Museum, and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

The reason I've been visiting the Met is quite obvious. but the visit at the garden is less obvious. I've been there for two reasons. First of all, I wanted to see and take pictures of flowers. I wasn't disappointed, the rosary is gorgeous. You can be sure to see some roses in my next paintings.

The second reason is that I was thinking about having an exhibition there. But after visiting the art gallery, I decided it wasn't a good fit for me: it spares me to send my candidature but it means I have to find other galleries in NY.

I'm writing this post from the newark airport, waiting for going back home. And for the first time of the history of this blog (4 years) I started writing in French. It's like putting on old comfortable shoes after walking all day with new ones! I had to translate this text in english afterwards. Though it means more work, it was worth it!

I'm curious to know which language do you prefer for my blog? French, English, Hebrew? That's all I got. I tried to learn Japanese but I stopped quite fast.

Come on! Answer my question. Lets make this monologue more like a dialogue.

Waiting for your response...

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