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The open studio event is over…

As usual, it was a lot of work to prepare, but it was part of the fun too! The last paintings I wanted to paint, the invitations, the framing of the sketches, the hanging… I enjoyed all of it, even when I made mistakes.

The hanging of the sketches is worth a post by itself: how I planned it meticulously, hanged everything and finally discovered that it was not centered! I had to improvise something to make it work.

Unlike an exhibition opening (which I find quite short and intense) people arrived continuously in small groups during the 6 hours our house was open. I had the opportunity to speak with everybody. There were some old friends and some visitors I didn’t know before.

I wanted to thank everyone who took the time to come and see my work. I know everybody is very busy nowadays and I appreciate the effort you made.

Thanks to the ones who helped me!

If you missed it, don’t worry! I’m thinking of doing it again, once a year. So we can fix an appointment: next spring, same place, same hour, but different paintings!

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