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My new coloring book is on Amazon!

As an artist, I never intended to create a coloring book. The idea imposed itself. I have been painting flowers for a long time, and during one particular moment I began experimenting with lines. Then, I experimented applying color between the lines. When my daughter asked me to print one of my flowers for her to color, I thought that maybe other people would enjoy coloring these flowers too.

I’m often amazed by the beautiful and original results people create when coloring these flowers.

If you want to have a feeling of it, here are links to two coloring pages: Poppies and Bauhinia

You can win the book by sending me a picture of the colored page. In one month, I’ll choose one of them and I’ll send the winner a free copy of the book. All the pictures will be uploaded to the site gallery.

I hope to see many of your creations.

The book is for sale on Amazon: click here to see the book.

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