Drawing and Fencing

January 5, 2015

“Calligraphy demands the same control  as fencing” I remembered this sentence in “crouching tiger hidden dragon”, but I just begin to understand it. I don’t practice calligraphy, but I’m training more in fencing since I’ve moved to train in Birankai style aikido ( thanks, Amnon Sensei!).  

“It all lies in the wist.” I’m not sure about that. For sure the wist is involved, but not only the wist.

When I’m learning a new move with the sword, I try to visualize and memorize the trajectory of the sword, much like I memorize the contour of a flower. And the respiration is important too. You have to move only when you exhale air. 

I feel that drawing help me for fencing, and vice versa. So I recommend practicing both. I also recommend playing piano: It helps for everything!


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