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10 Best Painters

Don Thompson in his excellent book "The $ 12 millions stuffed shark " wrote that he asked dealers, auction specialists and other experts what are the great contemporary artists. Although "not two offered the same list" he produced a list of 25. "Inclusion is party based on experts opinions, partly on auctions records but also on Walter Stickers 1910 often quoted comment that the importance of an artist is found in the question: Have they so wrought that it will be impossible henceforth, for those who follows ever again to act if they had not existed."

Here are the first ten artists on this list:

1- Jasper Johns (American)

2- Andy Warhol (American)

3- Gerhard Richter (German)

4-Bruce Nauman (American)

5- Roy Lichtenstein (American)

6- Robert Rauschenberg (American)

7- Joseph Beuys (German)

8- Ed Ruscha (American)

9- Francis Bacon (Irish-English)

10- Lucien Freud (English)

I was very surprised I didn’t know all of them. I probably should go more to exhibitions of works I’m less interested by. Meanwhile, I search one picture of each “best artists”. The rest of the list is very interesting too. No woman on this list. It gave me the idea to make my list... Do you have a list

Lucien Freud.jpg
joseph beuys.jpg
Jasper Johns.jpg
Francis Bacon.jpg
Ed Ruscha.jpg
Bruce Nauman.jpg
Andy Warhol.jpg

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