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The Beauty and the Beast

Everybody has good days and bad days, reasons to be happy and reasons to be sad. We all try to navigate between extreme feelings and sensations.

It has been a busy and interesting time! My daughters are growing up: one of them even left the family nest! It is both sad and positive. The sad part is that I miss her. Like every parent before me I feel that just yesterday she was a baby. But I'm happy she is independent, and she is enjoying herself learning game design. Anyway one of the compensation for my daughters growing up and needing me less is that I have more time for myself. I decided to invest in making art and promote it. Making art is not a new activity for me, but I'm very excited by the ideas I'm exploring now. This summer I decided to paint flowers but I couldn't shut myself from the news and the sounds of the war. I try to express this dichotomy in my paintings.

On the other hand, promoting my art is quite new for me. Until now I thought that art business was the dark side of the art. But frankly, I discovered that I quite enjoying myself doing it, although it's really time consuming.

It began by a new site (have a look at , then a blog (!blog/c15zy), an activity on Facebook (, Pinterest (, and now a newsletter. Who knows where that path will take me... Perhaps Twitter?

Please! Forward, Share, Follow, like, subscribe! It will help me a lot.


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