On Canvas

Watching chimera
Blue Rhynolion
Blue monsters discussion
Bad day
Even demons have wings
Fish Man
Elegant Skull
Bad Encounter
Bat gargoyle

On Paper

Owl Woman 4
Tree eyes
Green monsters discussion
Angel or Demon?
The witch
Owl woman 2
Owl woman 3
Owl woman 1
Bat Women
Laughing chimera
Horned gargoyle



Fierce Chick
3 masks
Ferocious horned eagle
Horned Chicken
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Blue monsters discussion

Acrylic on canvas 100 x 70 cm Sept 2016 The discussion was getting worse; Some observed, fascinated, without daring to intervene: Russo the dragon thundered and sparkled sparks, as usual, trying to intimidate the gallery by its imposing stature: "We must all kill them before they destroy us." Sassou, the serpent, being attached to the rear of Russo, enjoyed a rather delicate position: on the one hand, Russo hesitated to molest Sassou...