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Watching chimera
Blue Rhynolion
Blue monsters discussion
Bad day
Even demons have wings
Fish Man
Elegant Skull
Bad Encounter
Bat gargoyle

On Paper

Owl Woman 4
Tree eyes
Green monsters discussion
Angel or Demon?
The witch
Owl woman 2
Owl woman 3
Owl woman 1
Bat Women
Laughing chimera
Horned gargoyle



Fierce Chick
3 masks
Ferocious horned eagle
Horned Chicken
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Tree eyes

Gouache on paper 5.3 x 7.5 cm 2017 The main character is a tree with tentacular branches carrying long lashes blue eyes. I picture these tentacles are capable of strangling or knocking. A plant with this appearance is certainly carnivorous. It is probably also able to move. Two small creatures stand in front of him. Despite the unequal power balance, the bird creature visibly stand up to the tree.